Our research is rooted in impact. Because of this, we not only publish papers, but also have a wide range of reports, comments, letters and multimedia.

A Study of Regretted Purchases in the UK

A new paper from the Use Less Group paper presents findings from a nationally representative household survey on the tendency to regret purchases across 20 product groups. The survey reveals that the vast majority of adults in Great Britain (82%) have regretted a purchase in the past. Post-purchase regret is shown to be...

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WholeSEM releases report on bioenergy

The wholeSEM project has released a new report: Modelling energy systems - How much bioenergy feedstock can be grown sustainably in the UK? The report is the outcome of a workshop held at the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge on 30 September - 01 October 2014. The workshop brought together 40...

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A bright future for UK steel

Professor Julian Allwood, Head of the Use Less Group, argues that British steel could be saved, if the industry is willing to transform itself.

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The Use Less Group publishes papers across our themes and projects. The diversity of our work is well represented, with topics ranging for example from novel metal forming processes through strategies for material reuse to mapping energy flows with an eye to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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We aim to report on the results of our work in a highly readable, visually attractive way. These reports arise from specific projects, often collaborations with other academic institutions and/or industry. Straightforward and accessible, they are ideal for use by policy makers, industry and the media as well academic readers.

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Our book

One of Bill Gates six top books for 2015, Sustainable Materials with Both Eyes Open by Julian Allwood, Dr Jonathan Cullen and colleagues presents an optimistic, entertaining and richly informed evaluation of the sustainable management of our growing demand for materials.

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We are increasingly using video to create a living record of our work. Over time we aim to build up a library showing the full range of the exciting and innovative projects carried out by the group.



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Comment, articles and letters

As well as formal publications eg papers and reports, we aim to communicate as widely as possible on topics relevant to our work, in specialist publications as well as the broader media.

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