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Title Authors Year Research Area
Seven principles of toolpath design in conventional metal spinning Russo IM, Cleaver CJ, Allwood JM 2021
Good early stage design decisions can halve embodied CO2 and lower structural frames’ cost Cyrille F.Dunant, Michał P.Drewniok, John J.Orr, Julian M.Allwood 2021
Technology or behaviour? Balanced disruption in the race to net zero emissions Nelson S, Allwood JM 2021
The technological and social timelines of climate mitigation: Lessons from 12 past transitions Nelson, S.; Allwood, J. M. 2021
Re-framing the threat of global warming: an empirical causal loop diagram of climate change, food insecurity and societal collapse Richards, C. E.; Lupton, R. C.; Allwood, J. M. 2021
The re-direction of small deposit mining: Technological solutions for raw materials supply security in a whole systems context Moore, K. R.; Whyte, N.; Roberts, D.; Allwood, J.; Leal-Ayala, D. R.; Bertrand, G.; Bloodworth, A. J. 2021
The influence of constraint rolls on temperature evolution and distribution in radial ring rolling Lohmar, J.; Cleaver, C. J.; Allwood, J. M. 2020
Comparing energy and material efficiency rebound effects: an exploration of scenarios in the GEM-E3 macroeconomic model Skelton, A. C. H.; Paroussos, L.; Allwood, J. M. 2020
An experimental analysis of the relationship between the corner, die and punch radii in forming isolated flanged shrink corners from Al 5251 Horton, P. M.; Allwood, J. M.; Cleaver, C.; Nagy-Sochacki, A. 2020
Material Flow Analysis with Multiple Material Characteristics to Assess the Potential for Flat Steel Prompt Scrap Prevention and Diversion without Remelting Flint, Iain P.; Cabrera Serrenho, André; Lupton, Richard C.; Allwood, Julian M. 2020
The influence of part asymmetry on the achievable forming height in multi-pass spinning Russo, Iacopo M.; Cleaver, Christopher J.; Allwood, Julian M.; Loukaides, Evripides G. 2020
Raising by spinning Russo, I. M.; Cleaver, C. J.; Loukaides, E. G.; Allwood, J. M. 2020
Preventing wetting between liquid copper and solid steel: a simple extraction technique Daehn, Kathrin E.; Gonzalez Cabrera Honorio Serrenho, Andre; Allwood, Julian 2019
Scrap, carbon and cost savings from the adoption of flexible nested blanking Flint, I. P.; Allwood, J. M.; Serrenho, A. C. 2019
Curvature Development in Ring Rolling Christopher J. Cleaver, Julian M. Allwood 2019