Transforming Foundation Industries Network+ Conference Plenary keynote
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The role of metal forming in a world with zero emissions

Plenary Lecture by Professor Julian Allwood, given at ICTP 2023, Cannes, 27th September 2023

Was Absolute Zero right?

Three years on from the publication of the groundbreaking Absolute Zero, now one of the top 10 most-downloaded documents from any UK university on record, the lead author, Professor Julian Allwood, returns to the data to ask: does UK FIRES stand by their prediction?

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Response to IEA heavy industry report

Ahead of COP27, Julian Allwood responds to a proposal about “Near zero emissions” steel production in the recent IEA report “Achieving Net Zero Heavy Industry Sectors”. His letter expresses concern about the IEA’s proposal to focus on relative reductions in emissions rather than total emissions...Read more