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Press Release: Tick Zero's Real Climate Solutions

10 November 2022
New: Response to IEA heavy industry report

Steel industry needs to be honest about total emissions - Professor Allwood

04 November 2022
Real zero: four awkward truths about reaching net-zero

Professor Julian in the Church Times: 'The only way to reach net zero is to change the way we live — and fast'.

20 September 2022
Will deprinting reduce the paper industry's footprint?

“Amazingly, demand for paper is still going up,” said Julian Allwood, a professor of engineering and the environment at the University of Cambridge.

17 August 2022
Celebrating new ways of reducing CO2

Prof Julian Allwood from St Catharine's College, Cambridge, sums it up by saying: "So many of us would like to have a solution based on inventing a new technology.

27 July 2022
Letter: UK should fund transition to zero-emissions steel

It has been clear for over a decade that Port Talbot’s blast furnaces must close due to global overcapacity.

27 July 2022
UK government has "no intention" of delivering on its COP26 pledges, Cambridge scientist tells RIBA climate conference

The UK's net-zero strategy is as unrealistic as "magic beans fertilised by unicorn's blood" and will fail to deliver the emissions reductions promised by 2030, according to Cambridge University eng

05 November 2021
Letter: Our habits must change to deliver on PM’s climate targets

The commitment by Boris Johnson, the prime minister, to reduce our carbon emissions from 57 per cent of 1990s levels today to 32 per cent by 2030 is fantastic news (“PM aims to lead way on emission

08 December 2020
Why we need to change our travel habits to tackle global warming

Lockdown has transformed urban areas. Cities are quieter, air is cleaner and more people are walking or cycling around their neighbourhoods.

20 May 2020
The only way to hit net zero by 2050 is to stop flying

The UK aviation industry this week promised to bring its net carbon emissions down to zero by 2050 while growing by 70 per cent, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson boldly predicted that “viable elect

07 February 2020
Lords debate Absolute Zero

Members of the House of Lords debated the UK Fires report 'Absolute Zero', which details efforts to address climate change and net zero carbon emissions, on Thursday 6 February.

07 February 2020
Climate change: Clean tech 'won't solve warming in time'

Breakthrough technologies such as carbon capture and hydrogen cannot be relied on to help the UK meet its climate change targets, a report says.

06 February 2020
Recycling steel could give lifeline to the industry, report says

Recycling steel could provide a much-needed lifeline for the UK’s troubled steel industry, a new study has found, and have the added benefit of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

23 May 2019
International Conference on Technology of Plasticity

Professor Allwood and his group hosted the International Conference on Technology of Plasticity at the Department of Engineering in September 2017.

17 October 2017
A Study of Regretted Purchases in the UK

A new paper from the Use Less Group paper presents findings from a nationally representative household survey on the tendency to regret purchases across 20 product groups.

24 October 2016
Material Demand Reduction workshop for Royal Society Philosophical Transactions

On 26 – 28 September 2016 the Use Less Group hosted a workshop on Material Demand Reduction in St Catherine’s College, Cambridge. A key strategy for climate mitigation is "Material Efficiency" - living well with less material production. The barriers to implementing the many technical opportunities fall outside of the science and engineering background, and therefore this was a multidisciplinary event, with speakers covering a range of disciplines including engineering, theology, history, fashion studies, economics, innovation studies, public health, sociology and psychology.

04 October 2016
Chris Cleaver - Lord of the Rings

PhD student, Chris Cleaver has developed a prototype 12-axis machine for rolling of shaped metal rings. The first of its kind, this ‘Lord of the Rings’ machine was officially launched on 27 June at a function attended by all those involved, as well as senior members of the Engineering Department. The machine is a significant achievement and the first experimental ring rolling mill commissioned in the UK since the 1970s.


29 June 2016
Professor Allwood's plan for steel - media response

A new report from the University of Cambridge claims that British steel could be saved, if the industry is willing to transform itself. The report, by Professor Julian Allwood, argues that in order

09 May 2016
A bright future for UK steel

Professor Julian Allwood, Head of the Use Less Group, argues that British steel could be saved, if the industry is willing to transform itself.



13 April 2016
Professor Allwood challenges automotive industry on steel recycling

Professor Julian Allwood used his position as keynote speaker at the 16th International Automobile Recycling Congress IARC 2016, to challenge the industry on the quality of its raw scrap.

23 March 2016
Letter in Nature

Nature have published a letter from Professor Julian Allwood, challenging unreasonable optimism about 'new' energy technologies.

07 March 2016
Comment article in Nature: Sustainable Materials

Professor Julian Allwood has published a new comment article in Nature Reviews, Materials entitled 'Sustainable Materials'.

12 January 2016
One of Bill Gates' six best books this year is by engineers at Cambridge

Bill Gates includes Sustainable Materials - with both eyes open by Cambridge academics Julian Allwood, Jonathan Cullen and colleagues in his six best books this year.

14 December 2015