Our research is rooted in impact. We believe that the greatest impact on climate change mitigation will come from inspiring future generations of engineers and innovators. As such, we are committed to providing STEM outreach projects to UK school children to ensure that we contribute to closing the STEM skills gap and encourage diversity and inclusion in our field. We are planning further outreach in this area and if you would like to be involved with this, please contact us.

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88 Pianists

In 2018, we launched a national STEM outreach programme aimed at inspiring 7-10 year olds to get involved in engineering. To mark 500 years since Leonardo da Vinci’s death, we’re asking: has the smartphone killed invention? To find out, we invited primary school children across the UK to invent their way to an unbreakable...

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International Conference on Technology of Plasticity

Professor Allwood and his group hosted the International Conference on Technology of Plasticity at the Department of Engineering in September 2017. With 4 years planning, we welcomed over 600 delegates to a series of fantastic events and an academic programme of over 400 papers. Particular highlights include the...