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UK FIRES is a major research programme, comprising a consortium of subscribing industrial partners from resource-intensive sectors working with academics from Cambridge, Imperial College, Oxford, Bath, Nottingham and Strathclyde who are funded from 2019-2024 by a £5m programme grant from the EPSRC. The collaboration is co-ordinated through a Living Lab.

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The Foreseer tool at the University of Cambridge investigates the ‘nexus’ of water, energy and land resources. It is a scenario generation tool which includes natural resource supply, transformation, and use, as well as the ways in which they affect each other. The Foreseer tool also calculates greenhouse gas emissions and other measures of stress, such as groundwater depletion, in response to user-defined scenarios. The basis of the tool is a set of linked physical models for these resources plus the technologies that transform these resources into final services.

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In the WellMet2050 project we explored the technical basis for a low carbon industrial future. With a consortium of 20 industrial partners, we identified six strategies for living well with less new material production. The outcomes of this work are described in our book, Sustainable Materials: With Both Eyes Open which was selected by Bill Gates as one of his six best reads of 2015. The first edition of the book can be read online for free, and a revised edition was published in the autumn of 2015.