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Together with steel, cement, aluminium and plastic, paper is one of the five key engineering materials of the modern world. Developing technologies to use paper more efficiently can deliver tremendous reductions in carbon emissions.

A technology that borders science-fiction was developed...Read more


The Foreseer tool at the University of Cambridge investigates the ‘nexus’ of water, energy and land resources. It is a scenario generation tool which includes natural resource supply, transformation, and use, as well as the ways in which they affect each other. The Foreseer tool also calculates...Read more


The Whole System Energy Modelling Consortium (wholeSEM) is a ground breaking, multi-institution initiative to develop, integrate and apply state-of-the-art energy models. Our aim is to employ extensive integration mechanisms to link and apply interdisciplinary models to key energy problems....Read more

WellMet 2050

In the WellMet2050 project we explored the technical basis for a low carbon industrial future. With a consortium of 20 industrial partners, we identified six strategies for living well with...Read more

Well Dressed?


”Well Dressed?” was funded by a £257k grant from the UK landfill tax scheme with support from Marks and Spencer, examined the future sustainability of the supply of clothing and textiles to the UK. The final report and supplementary information can be downloaded from this page. The...Read more