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Title Authors Year Research Area
The use of spatial impulse responses to characterise flexible forming processes with mobile tools O. Music, J. M. Allwood 2012
The Use Of Energy In China: Tracing The Flow Of Energy From Primary Source To Demand Driver L. Ma, J. M. Allwood, J. M. Cullen, Z. Li 2012
The development of a hot rolling process for variable cross-section I-beams M. A. Carruth, J. M. Allwood 2012
Strategies to reduce the carbon footprint of consumer goods by influencing stakeholders N. M. P. Bocken, J. M. Allwood 2012
Bulk forming of sheet metal M. Merklein, J. M. Allwood, B. A. Behrens, A. Brosius, H. Hagenah, K. Kuzman, K. Mori, A. E. Tekkaya, A. Weckenmann 2012
Toner-print removal from paper by long and ultrashort pulsed lasers D. R. Leal, J. M. Allwood, M. Schmidt, I. Alexeev 2012
Reusing Steel and Aluminium Components at End of Product Life D. R. Cooper, J. M. Allwood 2012
The flow of steel into the construction sector M. C. Moynihan, J. M. Allwood 2012
Development of a tool for rapidly assessing the implementation difficulty and emissions benefits of innovations N.M.P. Bocken, J.M. Allwood, A.R. Willey, J.M.H. King 2012
Mapping the global flow of steel: from steelmaking to end-use goods J. M. Cullen, J. M. Allwood, M. D. Bambach 2012
Development of an eco-ideation tool to identify stepwise greenhouse gas emissions reduction options for consumer goods N.M.P. Bocken, J.M. Allwood, A.R. Willey, J.M.H. King 2011
Reducing energy demand: what are the practical limits? J. M. Cullen, J. M. Allwood, E. H. Borgstein 2011
Flexible asymmetric spinning O. Music, J. M. Allwood 2011
Material Efficiency: a White Paper J. M. Allwood, M. F. Ashby, T. G. Gutowski, Ernst Worrell 2011
Assessing the potential of yield improvements, through process scrap reduction, for energy and CO2 abatement in the steel and aluminium sectors R. L. Milford, J. M. Allwood, J. M. Cullen 2011