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The incentives for material efficiency along the steel sector supply chain: an analysis using input output techniques A. C. H. Skelton, J. M. Allwood 2013
The influence of constraint rolls on temperature evolution and distribution in radial ring rolling Lohmar, J.; Cleaver, C. J.; Allwood, J. M. 2020
The influence of deformation conditions in solid-state aluminium welding processes on the resulting weld strength D. R. Cooper, J. M. Allwood 2014
The influence of part asymmetry on the achievable forming height in multi-pass spinning Russo, Iacopo M.; Cleaver, Christopher J.; Allwood, Julian M.; Loukaides, Evripides G. 2020
The influence of UK emissions reduction targets on the emissions of the global steel industry A. Cabrera Serrenho, Z. Sobral Mourão, J. Norman, J. M. Cullen, J. M. Allwood 2015
The mechanics of incremental sheet forming K. Jackson, J. Allwood 2009
The potential for reducing metal demand through lightweight product design M. A. Carruth, J. M. Allwood, M. C. Moynihan 2011
The re-direction of small deposit mining: Technological solutions for raw materials supply security in a whole systems context Moore, K. R.; Whyte, N.; Roberts, D.; Allwood, J.; Leal-Ayala, D. R.; Bertrand, G.; Bloodworth, A. J. 2021
The role of washing machines in LCA studies J. M. Cullen, J. M. Allwood 2009
The Roles of Energy and Material Efficiency in Meeting Steel Industry CO2 Targets R. L. Milford, S. Pauliuk, J. M. Allwood, D. B. Müller 2013
The steel scrap age S. Pauliuk, R. L. Milford, D. B. Müller, J. M. Allwood 2013
The structured development of a simulation based learning tool for the Taguchi Method J. M. Allwood, B. M. Cox, S. S. Latif 2002
The Technical and Commercial Potential of an Incremental Ring Rolling Process J.M. Allwood, R. Kopp, D. Michels, O. Music, M. Öztop, T.F. Stanistreet, A.E. Tekkaya, I. Tiedemman 2005
The technological and social timelines of climate mitigation: Lessons from 12 past transitions Nelson, S.; Allwood, J. M. 2021
The Use Of Energy In China: Tracing The Flow Of Energy From Primary Source To Demand Driver L. Ma, J. M. Allwood, J. M. Cullen, Z. Li 2012