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Title Authors Year Research Area
The structured development of a simulation based learning tool for the Taguchi Method J. M. Allwood, B. M. Cox, S. S. Latif 2002
Model based evaluation of the effect of horizontal roll offset on cross-directional control performance in cold strip rolling J. M. Allwood 2002
Lean manufacturing in temperature dependent processes with interruptions W. L. Lee, J. M. Allwood 2003
The impact of job rotation on problem solving skills J. M. Allwood, W. L. lee 2004
The design of an agent for modelling supply chain network dynamics J. M. Allwood, J-H. Lee 2005
The Technical and Commercial Potential of an Incremental Ring Rolling Process J.M. Allwood, R. Kopp, D. Michels, O. Music, M. Öztop, T.F. Stanistreet, A.E. Tekkaya, I. Tiedemman 2005
The development of ring rolling technology : Part 2 Investigation of process behaviour and production equipment J. M. Allwood, A. E. Tekkaya, T. F. Stanistreet 2005
Asymmetric Single Point Incremental Forming of Sheet Metal J. Jeswiet, F. Micari, G. Hirt, A. Bramley, J. Duflou, J. M. Allwood 2005
The development of ring rolling technology J. M. Allwood, A. E. Tekkaya, T. F. Stanistreet 2005
A survey of flexible forming processes in Japan J. M. Allwood, H. Utsunomiya 2006
A structured search for novel manufacturing processes leading to a periodic table of ring rolling machines J. M. Allwood 2007
Paddle Forming: a Novel Class of Sheet Metal Forming Processes J.M. Allwood, D.R. Shouler 2007
The role of washing machines in LCA studies J. M. Cullen, J. M. Allwood 2009
Generalised forming limit diagrams showing increased forming limits with non-planar stress states J. M. Allwood, D. R. Shouler 2009
An approach to scenario analysis of the sustainability of an industrial sector applied to clothing and textiles in the UK J.M. Allwood, S.E. Laursen, S.N. Russell, C. Malvido de Rodríguez, N.M.P. Bocken 2008