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Title Authors Year Research Area
Product Life Trade-Offs: What If Products Fail Early? A. C. H. Skelton, J. M. Allwood 2013
Raising by spinning Russo, I. M.; Cleaver, C. J.; Loukaides, E. G.; Allwood, J. M. 2020
Re-framing the threat of global warming: an empirical causal loop diagram of climate change, food insecurity and societal collapse Richards, C. E.; Lupton, R. C.; Allwood, J. M. 2021
Real and perceived barriers to steel reuse across the UK construction value chain Cyrille F. Dunant, Michał P. Drewniok, Michael Sansom, Simon Corbey, Julian M. Allwood, Jonathan M. Cullen 2017
Real-time measurement of ring-rolling geometry using low-cost hardware M. R. Arthington, C. J. Cleaver, J. M. Allwood, S. R. Duncan 2014
Reducing climate change gas emissions by cutting out stages in the life cycle of office paper T. A. M. Counsell, J. M. Allwood 2007
Reducing energy demand: what are the practical limits? J. M. Cullen, J. M. Allwood, E. H. Borgstein 2011
Regularity and optimisation practice in steel structural frames in real design cases Cyrille F. Dunant Michał P. Drewniok Stathis Eleftheriadis Jonathan M. Cullen Julian M. Allwood 2019
Reusing Steel and Aluminium Components at End of Product Life D. R. Cooper, J. M. Allwood 2012
Ring rolling with variable wall thickness C. J. Cleaver, M. R. Arthington, S. Mortazavi, J. M. Allwood 2016
Scrap, carbon and cost savings from the adoption of flexible nested blanking Flint, I. P.; Allwood, J. M.; Serrenho, A. C. 2019
Seven principles of toolpath design in conventional metal spinning Russo IM, Cleaver CJ, Allwood JM 2021
Socio-technical factors influencing current trends in material throughput in the UK automotive industry Simone Cooper, Brendan J. Doody, Julian M. Allwood 2017
Strategies to reduce the carbon footprint of consumer goods by influencing stakeholders N. M. P. Bocken, J. M. Allwood 2012
Successful steel reuse in the UK – key aspects why it happened Drewniok Michał P. , Dunant Cyrille F. , Allwood Julian M. , Cullen Jonathan M. 2017