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Title Authors Year Research Area
The potential for reducing metal demand through lightweight product design M. A. Carruth, J. M. Allwood, M. C. Moynihan 2011
Paper un-printing: using lasers to remove toner-print in order to reuse office paper D. Leal, J. M. Allwood, T. A. M. Counsell 2011
What Do We Know About Metal Recycling Rates? T. E. Graedel, J. M. Allwood, J-P. Birat, M. Buchert, C. Hagelüken, B. K. Reck, S. F. Sibley, G. Sonnemann 2011
Development of an eco-ideation tool to identify stepwise greenhouse gas emissions reduction options for consumer goods N.M.P. Bocken, J.M. Allwood, A.R. Willey, J.M.H. King 2011
The effect of partially cut-out blanks on geometric accuracy in incremental sheet forming J. M. Allwood, D. Braun, O. Music 2010
Options for achieving a 50% cut in industrial carbon emissions by 2050 J. M. Allwood, J. M. Cullen, R. L. Milford 2010
Design and Use of a Novel Sample Design for Formability Testing in Pure Shear D.R. Shouler, J. M. Allwood 2010
Theoretical efficiency limits in energy conversion devices J. M. Cullen, J. M. Allwood 2010
A Review of the Mechanics of Metal Spinning O. Music, J. M. Allwood, K. Kawai 2010
Assessing the CO2 impact of current and future rail track in the UK R. L. Milford, J. M. Allwood 2010
The efficient use of energy: tracing the global flow of energy from fuel to service J. M. Cullen, J. M. Allwood 2010
The role of washing machines in LCA studies J. M. Cullen, J. M. Allwood 2009
The mechanics of incremental sheet forming K. Jackson, J. Allwood 2009
Closed-loop feedback control of product properties in flexible metal forming processes with mobile tools J. M. Allwood, O. Music, A. Raithathna, S. R. Duncan 2009
Generalised forming limit diagrams showing increased forming limits with non-planar stress states J. M. Allwood, D. R. Shouler 2009