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Title Authors Year Research Area
Finding the Most Efficient Way to Remove Residual Copper from Steel Scrap Katrin E. Daehn André Cabrera Serrenho Julian Allwood 2018
Toolpath generation for asymmetric mandrel-free spinning Iacopo M.Russo Evripides G.Loukaides 2018
Energy and material efficiency of steel powder metallurgy José M.C .Azevedo André Cabrera Serrenho Julian M.Allwood 2018
How Will Copper Contamination Constrain Future Global Steel Recycling? Katrin E. Daehn André Cabrera Serrenho Julian M. Allwood 2018
Testing the greenhouse gas emissions reduction potential of alternative strategies for the english housing stock André Cabrera Serrenho Michal Drewniok Cyrille Dunant Julian M. Allwood 2018
Hybrid Sankey diagrams: Visual analysis of multidimensional data for understanding resource use R.C.Lupton J.M.Allwood 2018
Options to make steel reuse profitable: An analysis of cost and risk distribution across the UK construction value chain Cyrille F. Dunant Michał P. Drewniok Michael Sansom Simon Corbey Jonathan M.Cullen Julian M.Allwood 2018
Incremental Material Flow Analysis with Bayesian Inference R C Lupton J M Allwood 2018
How much cement can we do without? Lessons from cement material flows in the UK W. Shanks C.F. Dunant Michał P. Drewniok R.C. Lupton A. Serrenho Julian M. Allwood 2018
Implementing material efficiency in practice: A case study to improve the material utilisation of automotive sheet metal components Philippa Maia Horton Julian M. Allwood Christopher Cleaver 2019
Scrap, carbon and cost savings from the adoption of flexible nested blanking Flint, I. P.; Allwood, J. M.; Serrenho, A. C. 2019
Material Demand Reduction and Closed-Loop Recycling Automotive Aluminium Philippa Horton Julian Allwood Paul Cassell Christopher Edwards 2019
Preventing wetting between liquid copper and solid steel: a simple extraction technique Daehn, Kathrin E.; Gonzalez Cabrera Honorio Serrenho, Andre; Allwood, Julian 2019
Regularity and optimisation practice in steel structural frames in real design cases Cyrille F. Dunant Michał P. Drewniok Stathis Eleftheriadis Jonathan M. Cullen Julian M. Allwood 2019
A marginal abatement cost curve for material efficiency accounting for uncertainty Cyrille F. Dunant Alexandra C.H. Skelton Michał P. Drewniok Jonathan M. Cullen Julian M. Allwood 2019