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Title Authors Year Research Area
Using solvents to remove a toner-print so that office paper might be reused J. M. Allwood 2009
Incremental forming of sandwich panels K.P. Jacksona, J.M. Allwood, M. Landert 2009
Environmental evaluation of localising production as a strategy for sustainable development: a case study of two consumer goods in Jamaica S. N. Russell, J. M. Allwood 2008
An approach to scenario analysis of the sustainability of an industrial sector applied to clothing and textiles in the UK J.M. Allwood, S.E. Laursen, S.N. Russell, C. Malvido de Rodríguez, N.M.P. Bocken 2008
Using abrasives to remove toner-print so that office paper might be reused T. A. M. Counsell, J. M. Allwood 2008
Paddle Forming: a Novel Class of Sheet Metal Forming Processes J.M. Allwood, D.R. Shouler 2007
Incremental Bulk Forming P. Groche, D. Fritsche, E.A. Tekkaya, J.M. Allwood, G. Hirt, R. Neugebauer 2007
Reducing climate change gas emissions by cutting out stages in the life cycle of office paper T. A. M. Counsell, J. M. Allwood 2007
A structured search for novel manufacturing processes leading to a periodic table of ring rolling machines J. M. Allwood 2007
Desktop paper recycling: A survey of novel technologies that might recycle office paper within the office T. A. M. Counsell, J. M. Allwood 2006
A survey of flexible forming processes in Japan J. M. Allwood, H. Utsunomiya 2006
The Technical and Commercial Potential of an Incremental Ring Rolling Process J.M. Allwood, R. Kopp, D. Michels, O. Music, M. Öztop, T.F. Stanistreet, A.E. Tekkaya, I. Tiedemman 2005
A structured search for applications of the incremental sheet-forming process by product segmentation J. M. Allwood, A. N. Bramley, T. W. Ridgman, A. R. Mileham 2005
The development of ring rolling technology J. M. Allwood, A. E. Tekkaya, T. F. Stanistreet 2005
The design of an agent for modelling supply chain network dynamics J. M. Allwood, J-H. Lee 2005