Dr Rachel Waugh (neé Milford)

Rachel competed her PhD as a member of the WellMet2050 project. Her work focused on modelling mass flow and emissions scenarios for both steel and aluminium product case studies and for the global steel and aluminium industries. Her work demonstrated that without employing material efficiency strategies, the steel and aluminium industries cannot achieve a 50% reduction in their CO2 emissions by 2050. During her PhD, Rachel collaborated with Stefan Pauliuk and Daniel Mueller at NTNU in Trondheim to produce the model of global steel mass flows and emissions. Since completing her PhD, Rachel has worked for sustainability research company, Oakdene Hollins. Much of her work has focused on the material efficiency strategy of remanufacturing and in 2014, she helped the company win Horizon 2020 funding to establish a European Remanufacturing Network www.remanufacturing.eu