DeepForm sheet forming technology

 was developed at the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering under the UK FIRES project, motivated by reducing the large volumes of sheet metal scrap from the automotive industry. 

After four years of tweaking, two patent applications, held by Cambridge Enterprise, and two key papers, Chris Cleaver and Julian Allwood established DeepForm Limited as a company in March 2022.

DeepForm Limited offer novel press tool designs for automotive and other high volume customers.

We use a novel fold-shear process to replace the draw stage in a conventional press tool lineup. In one tool, regions of the part are folded whilst soaking up material in customised 3-D blankholders, before completing the operation.

We are worldwide exclusive License holder to DeepForm technology, and offer custom support packages to deliver the technology in partnership with your supply chain, including feasibility simulation, process design and Licensing.