Fourth year project opportunity: stress superposition in metal deformation processing

Stress superposition in metal deformation processing can produce some unexpected results – for instance, hanging a small weight from wire can produce a permanent extension if at the same time the wire reaches its yield point through twisting.

This project focuses on the deformation process, ring rolling: a ring-shaped workpiece is reduced in wall thickness by rolling, but what is the effect of applying tension or compression in the hoop-wise direction? The student will make predictions for the roll force and deformation pattern, applying existing analysis techniques to this new problem.

Predictions can be tested through a set of experiments on our novel ring rolling rig in the Department of Engineering – see the video. As part of the project the student may wish to design and commission new force sensing for the machine. A key application for this knowledge is to make nearer-to-net-shape parts, avoiding material waste in processing.

If you’re interested in the project please contact Dr. Cleaver ( to arrange an informal chat.