PhD Student

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Sarah Nelson

Sarah’s research bridges the disciplines of economics and engineering to assess barriers to urgent climate policy. The aim of Sarah’s work is to investigate the technological and social viability of proposed pathways to net zero using political economy theory, economic modelling and quantitative and qualitative policy analysis.

Sarah holds a Masters in economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara and Bachelors degrees in economics and physics from the University of Auckland.   

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Lukas Gast

Lukas is interested in the the utilisation of industrial by-products and the concept of an industrial symbiosis. The aim of the project is to analyse current global waste streams and identify ways for using waste more effectively to mitigate GHG emissions.

Outside of his research, he enjoys travelling, music, and organising field trips to industrial production sites.

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Catherine Richards

Catherine joined the group in 2017, with several years of industry experience in the energy and water sectors as well as BEng(Civ) and BEng(Env) degrees from the University of Newcastle, Australia.