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Title Authors Year Research Area
Technology or behaviour? Balanced disruption in the race to net zero emissions Nelson S, Allwood JM 2021
The re-direction of small deposit mining: Technological solutions for raw materials supply security in a whole systems context Moore, K. R.; Whyte, N.; Roberts, D.; Allwood, J.; Leal-Ayala, D. R.; Bertrand, G.; Bloodworth, A. J. 2021
Good early stage design decisions can halve embodied CO2 and lower structural frames’ cost Cyrille F.Dunant, Michał P.Drewniok, John J.Orr, Julian M.Allwood 2021
Re-framing the threat of global warming: an empirical causal loop diagram of climate change, food insecurity and societal collapse Richards, C. E.; Lupton, R. C.; Allwood, J. M. 2021
Seven principles of toolpath design in conventional metal spinning Russo IM, Cleaver CJ, Allwood JM 2021
The technological and social timelines of climate mitigation: Lessons from 12 past transitions Nelson, S.; Allwood, J. M. 2021
Material Flow Analysis with Multiple Material Characteristics to Assess the Potential for Flat Steel Prompt Scrap Prevention and Diversion without Remelting Flint, Iain P.; Cabrera Serrenho, André; Lupton, Richard C.; Allwood, Julian M. 2020
An experimental analysis of the relationship between the corner, die and punch radii in forming isolated flanged shrink corners from Al 5251 Horton, P. M.; Allwood, J. M.; Cleaver, C.; Nagy-Sochacki, A. 2020
Raising by spinning Russo, I. M.; Cleaver, C. J.; Loukaides, E. G.; Allwood, J. M. 2020
Comparing energy and material efficiency rebound effects: an exploration of scenarios in the GEM-E3 macroeconomic model Skelton, A. C. H.; Paroussos, L.; Allwood, J. M. 2020
The influence of part asymmetry on the achievable forming height in multi-pass spinning Russo, Iacopo M.; Cleaver, Christopher J.; Allwood, Julian M.; Loukaides, Evripides G. 2020
The influence of constraint rolls on temperature evolution and distribution in radial ring rolling Lohmar, J.; Cleaver, C. J.; Allwood, J. M. 2020
Material Demand Reduction and Closed-Loop Recycling Automotive Aluminium Philippa Horton Julian Allwood Paul Cassell Christopher Edwards 2019
Preventing wetting between liquid copper and solid steel: a simple extraction technique Daehn, Kathrin E.; Gonzalez Cabrera Honorio Serrenho, Andre; Allwood, Julian 2019
Regularity and optimisation practice in steel structural frames in real design cases Cyrille F. Dunant Michał P. Drewniok Stathis Eleftheriadis Jonathan M. Cullen Julian M. Allwood 2019